As you may or may not know, I am a member of Swell Artist Collective. We have grown a ton over the last few years and hope to grow more, but we need your help. Let's all work together to continue to grow the art scene here in Boise!

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 Swell Artist Collective

About Swell:

Swell Artist Collective is an open studio and Art Gallery located in Boise, Idaho's historic downtown. Formed in November of 2015 and managed by artists Noble Hardesty, Stuart Holland, and Cody Rutty, Swell is located on the lower level of the Old Mercantile Building in Boise's BoDo district. 

By combining their individual artistic practices and ideas into a common space, the artists' mission revolves around creating a vibrant studio and artwork gallery environment that is open to the public and intent on helping bolster the community's rapidly-growing arts culture. Swell hosts First Thursday, as well as independently organized artistic events, and maintains regular hours of operation during which people can visit.   

April 16, 2018 — Nicolet Laursen