I Need Space

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This painting illustrates the way I feel on a daily basis. I need space but not from my dog, of course.

This painting was a part of Swell Artists Collective's Thrifty Show. The artists were all asked to re-purpose thrift store art.

I found this great print of a Victorian styled girl with her dog:

The original title was 'Sympathy' and it was painted by Briton Riviere in 1878. Learn more about this painting here »

I spent some time thinking about this painting. I felt that the little girl appeared to be lost in a dream, not sad. So I decided to be a little crazy and change the feeling of the painting from that of sympathy to dreaming about the wonders of the universe. I needed more space to, well, paint some space... ha! So I glued the print to a larger sheet of masonite and converted the painting to a wonderful space exploration.

"I Need Space"
Nicolet Laursen
16" x 12"
Acrylic on masonite